About us


Tigernu is a company that has been specialising in making anti-theft bags for laptop backpacks and USB backpacks for 13 years.

By using a combination of security and extra options, we create backpacks in such a way that thieves and pickpockets don’t stand a chance of stealing your valuable items.

Our backpacks are perfect for school, work, public transport or simply for holidays…
Tigernu backpacks make it easy to carry all your electronics and personal items safely.

Because our backpacks have secret compartments, built-in locks and cut-resistant fabric, you can be sure that your luggage is safe.

Our mission

Our mission is to make traveling with a backpack as safe and comfortable as possible.
Worldwide, there are more than 400,000 attempts of pickpocketing. We at Tigernu want to ensure that these figures drop drastically.

The fabric from which the bags are made provide a comfortable feeling. Thanks to i.e. the foam in the shoulder strap, the bag feels a lot lighter, and it isn’t a problem to carry the backpack for a long period of time.
The breathable foam also prevents sweat marks during prolonged use.

Customer service

At Tigernu, customer satisfaction is paramount. We want our customers to appreciate us and that is why we believe in honest and transparent communication. We ensure that all the information you require is easily accessible.

Should you have a problem or are unable to find certain information, we would be delighted to assist you! You can see the various ways in which you can contact us on our customer service page.